College student car insurance from ABC Dennis Insurance in Lutz, FloridaMany parents have discovered that car insurance for college students can be expensive. Still, there are ways to minimize costs, including keeping the student on your policy and taking advantage of student discounts offered by insurance companies.

We suggest that parents list college students on their policy as long as they are a “member of the household.” However, when a college student attends a school that is out of state or over 100 miles away and does not have a car, you may be able to list them as “away at school ” to reduce the premium.

If you decide to have a separate car insurance policy for your college student, remember that the vehicle must be registered in the state the student attends school, and the student must typically be licensed in the same state. This is because the auto insurance must match the registration of your vehicle. As a result, we only recommend that college students have their own car insurance when they have permanently relocated.

Car Insurance for College Students Away from Home

Many parents and students are unsure what to do about car insurance when the student attends a college or university. If parents remove their child from the policy, the student no longer has coverage. However, leaving an out-of-state student on the parents’ policy could result in a higher premium, even if the student rarely drives a car.

Insurance rates are usually higher for drivers under the age of 25 because insurers consider them an increased risk. So while there’s no need to remove a college student from a policy simply because they’re attending school in another state, it’s a good idea to assess how frequently they drive.

Even if a student doesn’t plan to drive while at college, keeping them on their parent’s policy is a good idea since they’ll want to use a family vehicle when home from school.

How to Get the Most Affordable Car Insurance Rates as a College Student

Whether a student remains on their parent’s policy or obtains their own, many insurance companies offer various discounts for college students who drive.

  1. Resident student discounts are available for students going away to school but plan to keep their car at home and remain on their parent’s policy.
  2. Good-student discounts are based on the student’s GPA or a history of good grades.
  3. Safe driver discounts are sometimes available for policyholders with minimal claims.
  4. Driving-to-school discounts are available from some insurers to students who only drive back and forth to school.

Some insurance companies also offer discounts to college students who live on campus but don’t own a vehicle. Because the student presumably drives less, insurers may consider them a lower risk.

To learn more about insurance for college students, talk to an agent at ABC Dennis Insurance about your options.

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