Save On Home Insurance in Lutz, Florida, With The ‘Third Nail’ In Your Roof and ABC Dennis InsuranceAccording to the Insurance Information Institute, Floridians pay almost three times more than the national average for home insurance coverage at $4,231 versus $1,544.

Many factors bring about this disparity in the cost of insurance coverage for Floridians. For example, hurricane Ian, the latest to hit Florida, left a massive $40 billion in damages, leaving many homeowners unable to afford substantial rehabilitation costs.

Home insurance can help families start over in these instances. Otherwise, a proactive approach can prevent severe damage, especially in older properties. For example, most homes built before 2002 mostly have two-nailed roof connectors attached to the walls. However, adding a third nail to the hurricane truss straps boosts stability, making it more resistant to strong winds and potentially lowering a homeowner’s insurance premium.

The Third Nail Method

In an interview by the Orlando Sentinel, Michael Peltier, spokesperson for Citizen’s Property Insurance, said third-nail credits could save homeowners up to 35%. However, these rates could vary depending on several conditions, including the shape of the roof and the building materials.

Authorities mandate insurance companies to provide discounts for measures that reduce the impact of hurricane damage. However, these discounts vary from firm to firm. Similar to most insurance coverages, properties with higher resistance to damages carry lower premiums than those without protective features.

Furthermore, having three nails to secure metal hurricane truss straps is the minimum requirement in Florida’s wind mitigation form.

“Since 2003, all homes valued at more than $300,000 must get that nail whenever they get a new roof, but many roofers don’t do it,” according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Jason Evilsizer of LGT Restorations explains that the third nail method is a straightforward wind mitigation practice that makes Florida roofs more secure. An extra nail can add up to 200 pounds of resistance against strong winds that could tear and lift roofs during violent storms.

Evilsizer further states that a common clip with two nails can only give about 300–350 pounds of lift. A third nail increases that to 500–600 pounds. What’s great about adding a third nail to the property’s connectors is that it can be used on all types of materials, whether wood, aluminum, metal, or vinyl.

This roof enhancement project costs as low as $850 and takes up to five hours to finish. Comparatively, roof replacement costs in Florida range from $11,000 to $30,000, depending on the roof size and materials. Depending on the scope and complexity, roof projects last a few days to weeks.

Adopting a proactive approach is essential in securing an insurance claim approval, especially in Florida. The state has seen recent insurance policy changes, and authorities lifted some restrictions on insurance rejections to accommodate more policyholders.

Maximum Solutions

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