What You Need To Know About Wind Mitigation Retrofits in Lutz, FloridaStrong winds and hurricanes could be terrifying to experience, with debris flying overhead and a visually menacing storm fast approaching. However, it’s also hard to fathom that the light breeze blowing through a home on a hot summer’s evening could progress into these destructive forces under the right conditions.

According to the National Weather Service, the U.S. coastline could have up to three hurricane-type storms over two years, which hardly seems threatening because the number is so low. But, on the contrary, people shouldn’t take these storms lightly.

For this reason, having everything secured can save a life. Read more below for a comprehensive guide to preparing for these forces of nature when they arrive at your doorstep.

What Is Wind and Hurricane Mitigation?

Nothing can prevent strong winds and hurricanes. However, wind and hurricane mitigation can make a home less prone to damage during these weather events. In these situations, mitigation can include strengthening the roof, foundation, gutters, windows, or any other part of the house that could cause the structure to collapse or injuries to the residents during strong winds or a hurricane.

Why Should Homeowners Implement Wind And Hurricane Mitigation?

Wind and hurricane mitigation can prevent injury while assisting homeowners in saving thousands of dollars in damages, even if they have insurance on their homes. In addition, depending on the area the house is in and the insurance company the homeowner chooses to use, they may even receive a discount on their premiums when their home is adequately secured.

Homeowners and their families will need the walls, doors, windows, roof, and foundation to withstand strong winds. Without reinforcement, the turbulent winds can put undue pressure on the home’s structure.

Do Homeowners Need Specific Insurance?

According to Forbes, insurance companies can offer various options to homeowners above the regular home coverage that could sometimes come at a higher cost, especially in areas prone to strong winds and hurricanes.

Additional features to the hurricane insurance could include damage due to flooding, fire, and wind, among others. Thus, it’s up to the homeowner to find the insurance policy they can afford to give them the coverage they may need.

How Can People Prepare For Hurricanes?

Although there are many ways of being safe during hurricane season, there are some methods that homeowners shouldn’t ignore, one of them being hurricane mitigation. For those seeking peace of mind, the following are other preventive measures to take:

  • Use Mobile Weather Warning Applications

According to Family Handyman, mobile weather warning apps are easy to download and quick to set up or use. They will also automatically push through any severe weather warnings as a notification as soon as the local weather office releases the information. With these handy early warnings, homeowners can prepare themselves and their homes accordingly.

  • Build a Storm Shelter or Reinforce The Basement

Many homes in hurricane-prone areas will have a shelter or reinforced basement. Furthermore, homeowners who reside there will often add supply kits containing food, drinking water, blankets, changes of clothing, and medical supplies to assist them through the ordeal.

In addition to supplies, shelters usually have a sump pump to prevent basement flooding and battery backups for lighting and other essential appliances.

  • Keep Your Home Insurance Up To Date, Including Flood Insurance

Insurance policies can only be effective if the homeowners ensure that their payments are up to date. Moreover, lapsed policies could result in residents losing their dearest possessions. Therefore, consult your insurance agent to understand what the policy covers during stormy conditions. And be sure to ask about flood insurance.

  • Be Informed of the Local Evacuation Plan

Local authorities in areas susceptible to storms should have a formal evacuation plan for the area’s residents that will come into effect as soon as there’s a substantial warning. Getting the needed information on where to go and what to do could save lives amid a crisis.

Families can practice a safe evacuation route from their home to a designated shelter while also checking that all the information regarding its location is correct.

  • Do Regular Maintenance to the Home

Hurricane mitigation should include the garden and outdoor structures of the residence, which many homeowners forget. Trimming the larger trees, replacing rocks and gravel with solid slabs or soil, clearing out gutter debris and buildup, and checking the hurricane safety measures of the home is something many homeowners will have on their maintenance lists.

If needed, call in professional help like an arborist or certified installer to help with these tasks when DIY measures don’t seem adequate.

  • Secure All Outdoor Equipment

Reinforcing outdoor structures and equipment, like carports, playgrounds, porches, fuel, gas, or water tanks, and any other item the wind could lift may help minimize the damage to the home’s exterior. However, as the hurricane-strength winds could pick up and blow these items into windows, cars, or neighboring structures, they need to be securely bolted to the ground or moved to a safer location.

  • Have Emergency Phone Numbers On Hand

Families can take all the precautionary measures to keep themselves as safe as possible; however, accidents happen in the blink of an eye. Additionally, with hurricanes and strong winds blowing over power lines, trees, and doors, or blocking exits, residents should be prepared to contact the local authorities if they need assistance.

For this reason, residents should keep a list of emergency numbers, like the police, medical emergencies, utility companies, or professionals like electrical contractors or plumbers, where they are easily accessible. These could come in handy when a problem puts residents’ lives in danger.

Final Words

Even if the thought of a hurricane ripping through the area seems too daunting, nothing will be more valuable than being prepared on all levels. After all, no amount of money can replace a life, and although insurance payouts can rebuild a structure, the house could still lose the sentimental value of being someone’s home.

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