Update Your Flood Insurance to Protect Yourself During Hurricane Season

Every area is a potential flood zone in Florida during hurricane season. If your home isn’t protected, you could face paying out-of-pocket for expensive damages. Preparing for hurricane season, including buying or updating a flood insurance policy, can help you rebuild without breaking the bank. What is Flood Insurance? Though [...]

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What Is Universal Life Insurance and How Does it Work?

Universal life insurance is often mistaken for whole life insurance. Though the two policies have similarities, they differ in significant ways. For instance, universal life insurance is considered a more flexible option, offering adjustable premiums and an adjustable death benefit. However, it also requires more monitoring than a term life [...]

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What Is ‘Full Coverage’ Car Insurance?

No agent can sell a car insurance policy that guarantees you are 100% covered in all situations. The term "full coverage" refers less to complete protection for your car and more to what your lender or car leasing agent requires you to carry. While liability insurance is required coverage in [...]

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Renovations?

Home insurance premiums are based on the size, condition, and potential rebuilding costs of the property in the event of a loss. But what happens to those premiums if the homeowner decides to renovate, such as a kitchen remodel or a patio extension? Homeowners must understand their policy limits when [...]

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Car Insurance Required in Florida

The type of vehicle insurance and the amount of coverage you need to be legally insured varies from state to state. Florida has two automobile insurance requirements with specific minimum limits; however, there are additional coverages available that drivers should consider depending on their driving needs. Florida's Minimum Vehicle [...]

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Florida Automobile Insurance Toolkit

Automobile insurance coverage is required by Florida law and essential for all vehicles. The Florida Automobile Insurance Toolkit is a free guide with important information about the different types of car insurance and tips about settling a claim. The guide is available in both English and Spanish. What is [...]

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Second Home Insurance: Coverage for Your Vacation Home

Owning a vacation home is a goal for many people. But to protect their investment, second home insurance is required. In most circumstances, homeowners need to buy a separate policy for their vacation home to protect the property against fire, theft, and wind damage. In this article, you can [...]

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What is Car Gap Insurance?

GAP is the insurance industry's acronym for "Guaranteed Auto Protection." Car gap insurance is a policy that covers the difference between what the insurance company reimburses a policyholder when a vehicle is a total loss after a covered accident and any outstanding loan balance. When financing a vehicle, many [...]

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