Classic Car Insurance for Automotive Enthusiasts

Classic car insurance is a particular type of automobile insurance for older cars used primarily for leisurely driving. Chevy Corvettes, Ford Mustangs, Thunderbirds, and Porsches are just a few classic cars enthusiasts enjoy collecting and restoring. Though classic car insurance is similar to regular car insurance, there are some essential [...]

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Car Insurance for College Students

Many parents have discovered that car insurance for college students can be expensive. Still, there are ways to minimize costs, including keeping the student on your policy and taking advantage of student discounts offered by insurance companies. We suggest that parents list college students on their policy as long as [...]

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What Is ‘Full Coverage’ Car Insurance?

No agent can sell a car insurance policy that guarantees you are 100% covered in all situations. The term "full coverage" refers less to complete protection for your car and more to what your lender or car leasing agent requires you to carry. While liability insurance is required coverage in [...]

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Florida Automobile Insurance Toolkit

Automobile insurance coverage is required by Florida law and essential for all vehicles. The Florida Automobile Insurance Toolkit is a free guide with important information about the different types of car insurance and tips about settling a claim. The guide is available in both English and Spanish. What is [...]

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What Is Covered by Collision and Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Besides liability insurance, collision insurance and comprehensive insurance are the two most common types of automobile insurance. While collision and comprehensive insurance both pay for damage to a vehicle, the type of damage each policy covers is different. Collision Car Insurance Collision insurance covers damages incurred from a collision [...]

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