Flood Insurance for Your Business

What Is Business Flood Insurance? Whether you are a tenant or a building owner, business flood insurance covers damage caused by a flood. If you are a building owner, flood insurance typically covers the building and contents. If you are a tenant, flood insurance is limited to the contents. [...]

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What You Need to Know about Flood Insurance

Flood Damage Risks Nearly every property faces some level of risk from flooding. In areas of the U.S. where flooding is not a large concern, flood insurance is often not required for homeowners or businesses. However, homeowners and businesses may still choose to purchase it at their discretion. It’s [...]

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How to Save Money on Homeowners Insurance

Buying a home is a significant investment, so homeowners insurance is necessary. However, the price of homeowners insurance varies from person to person. Each policy cost is based on characteristics of the home and the owner, combined with insurance requirements.Policies can be costly for many homeowners. However, there are specific [...]

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Auto Insurance Basics for Auto-Owners

Vehicle owners know they need auto insurance in Florida. It’s the law. Insurance covers the replacement cost for property damage and medical expenses after an accident. There are, however, many different auto insurance policies that cover many different needs as well as various levels of insurance. Whether an auto [...]

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